What is RITA?

The Rural Information Technology Alliance is a consortium of four colleges

The Grant

The $18 million RITA grant is funded by the Department of Labor's Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training grant program.

Why the $18 million Investment? 

Skilled IT professionals are necessary to the economic advancement of any community.  Right now, there is a shortage of well-trained IT workers, particularly in rural areas.  The purpose of the RITA Grant is to provide cutting edge IT education that trains graduates to meet the high demand.    

What has RITA done?

RITA has invested heavily in expanding and creating new programs at each partner college, including the high-demand fields of Cyber Security and Mobile Application Development.  In addition to creating new degree programs, RITA has enhanced existing IT programs through industry and college partnerships, as well as by investing in state-of-the-art classroom technology, including Cisco labs and virtualization servers.  Grant resources have also been leveraged to build and expand testing centers at each RITA college, which provides students the opportunity to earn highly sought after industry certifications, including Cisco, Microsoft and CompTIA.  

What Makes an IT Education at a RITA College Different?

RITA curriculum at all four partner colleges has been developed in collaboration with industry. 

RITA classrooms have been enhanced to provide students the opportunity to work with the technology they will encounter in the field.

RITA has developed curriculum and pathways to allow students to earn the certifications that will boost their career.  

RITA instructors have years of experience in their respective fields, and as a result of the grant have greater opportunity for the continued learning that benefits students. 

RITA students have greater internship opportunities as a result of the industry partnerships RITA colleges have formed.

RITA Education and Employment Advisors work proactively to support every student in reaching their education and career goals.   

The result is a highly relevant IT education that prepares graduates to meet the needs of today's rapidly changing world. 

For information on the IT programs at each RITA partner college, click on the college logos below.