Mid-term Evaluation

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training (TAACCCT) grant program requires those receiving a grant retain a third-party evaluator to design and execute a rigorous evaluation of the project.  This is because a successful project can develop evidence on effective workforce education and training strategies that can be broadly replicated.  The third-party evaluator must prepare and receive approval from the Department of Labor for the evaluation plan, implement the evaluation plan, and prepare interim reports and a final evaluation report.
The Rural Information Technology Alliance (RITA) consortium’s third-party evaluator is the St. Paul, MN, based The Improve Group. The Improve Group has completed two mid-term evaluations of the RITA consortium using a mixed method evaluation, drawing from qualitative and quantitative methods, to assess RITA’s outcomes and implementation processes. Over the course of these evaluations, The Improve Group gathered feedback and insights from RITA stakeholders through interviews and surveys. In addition to gathering qualitative data, The Improve Group analyzed quantitative data for the students who had been entered into RITA’s participant tracking system.

The mid-term evaluations published November 2016 are available at the following links:

RITA  Consortium Evaluation Report – November 2016

Central Lakes College – RITA Summary Report November 2016

North Central Texas College – RITA Summary November 2016

Pine Technical and Community College – RITA Summary Report November 2016

Ridgewater College – RITA Summary Report November 2016

The mid-term evaluation reports for 2013 – 2015 published in November 2015 are available at the following links:

RITA Consortium Midpoint Evaluation Report (November 25, 2015)  

Central Lakes College:  RITA Highlights 2013-2015

North Central Texas College:  RITA Highlights 2013-2015

Pine Technical and Community College:  RITA Highlights 2013-2015

Ridgewater College:  RITA Highlights 2013-2015

Appendix:  Quality Implementation Framework

Questions regarding the mid-term evaluation should be addressed to:

Dr. Jennifer Obinna

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The Improve Group



Questions regarding the RITA consortium should be addressed to:

Michael J. Olesen


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