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Careers in Demand

With computer technology permeating nearly every aspect of our personal lives, businesses, and organizations, demand for well-trained IT workers continues to rise.

The technology we use to create, share and utilize information is in a constant state of evolution, which means IT professionals are in constant demand.  According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, IT careers have risen by 37 percent since 2003.



Why a Career in IT?


  • WORK ANYWHERE:  Virtually every industry, business, and organization now relies on qualified IT staff to succeed.  This means you could potentially work in any industry.

  • BE AT THE FOREFRONT OF CHANGE:  The possibilities for utilizing new technologies to bring about change are endless.

  • CREATE THE FUTURE:  With the right technical skill-set, the work you could be doing would improve people’s lives.

  • BE IN-DEMAND:  By earning an associate degree and continuing on with certifications, you could have a skill-set that would put you in-demand wherever you go.

  • EARN AN ABOVE AVERAGE WAGE:  The average annual wages for IT careers are considerably higher than the average annual wages for all occupations.  See below for details.


RITA IT Programs

Current demand for skilled IT workers is the reason for the Rural Information Technology Alliance (RITA).  RITA's goal is to make sure students are successful in their education and ready to be successful in their careers.  Through RITA, $18.3 million is being invested to help fill the growing need and to strengthen local communities by training skilled IT professionals.

RITA program features

  • New & Enhanced Curriculum:  New demand-driven programs have been added, including Mobile Application Development and Cyber Security.  Certifications testing is being offered, including globablly recognized certifications by Cisco, CompTIA, and Microsoft.  Course curriculum has been created in collaboration with industry partners, which ensures students are gaining the skills that are needed in the workforce.  

  • Industry Partner Support:  Industry partners create internship opportunities and career pathways for students.  

  • Updated Resources:  New equipment has been added to each college including: Cisco labs, new servers, virtualization resources, new computers and classroom resources.

  • Student Support:  Every RITA student works with an Education and Employment Advisor from the time they enter their program, until they find employment.